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_____An Oasis of Adventure and Nature in the Heart of Pelion

The Green Mountain Activity Area is a specially designed space from Hike Away in the chestnut forest of Tsagarada next to 12 Months Resort & Spa, where you can spend hours of absolute pleasure and contact with nature, with activities and creative employment in the countryside, in the unique natural environment of Pelion.
It offers Archery, Paintball for the whole family (from 7 years old and above), Flying Fox (zip line / omega), Mythological treasure hunt and a place for relaxation overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Archery is an activity-sport, offering inner peace through the concentration it requires, but also intense moments of satisfaction and ascension as we move towards the search for the perfect shot. Green Mountain has a specially designed archery field with three drop lines, bows for adults, children and left-handed and full protective equipment. During the activity we learn the basic principles of archery while there is a free number of throws.

Green Mountain offers a specially designed paintball field for 10 people, with more than 20 cover positions. We have markers with spring and lower pressure, making the activity accessible to younger ages (from 7 years and older) and ideal for the whole family, while full protective equipment (visor, chest and neck protector) is provided.

Flying Fox (Zip line / Omega) is an aerial route with pulley for children, 25 meters long.

Mythological treasure hunting is a hiking activity that evolves in the chestnut forest of Tsagarada. The structure of the game combines the narrative of a part of Pelion mythology, the acquaintance with basic principles of orientation and use of compass and the resolution of puzzles with different levels of difficulty. The flow of the game moves on to mythological elements of Pelion, with the central faces of Peleus, Thetis, Achilles and Centaur Chiron. In this way, it is narrated to the participants one of the most important stories of Greek mythology, in the natural environment where it unfolded.

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