Experience the Greek Traditional Easter in Tsagarada

Easter is a first class opportunity to enjoy nature at its best and to experience unique traditions. And what better place to spend the Holy Days of Easter than a resort right in the heart of nature, in a green oasis, with scattered picturesque villages and a view of the Aegean Sea?

12 Months Resort & Spa invites you to experience Easter in all its splendour.

Tradition and nature in perfect combination, creating a unique atmosphere. Holidays in Pelion during the most beautiful time of the year, in the company of dear friends and family, all the solemn religious events and Easter traditions in a magical landscape, make 12 Months Resort & Spa the ideal destination for an unforgettable Easter getaway.

Easter traditions at 12 Months Resort & Spa

Greek Traditional Easter is a special time of year, with unique traditions and religious services. The services of Holy Thursday, the Epitaph procession and the festive atmosphere of the Resurrection are an opportunity to experience Greek tradition in a rich mosaic of customs and traditions.   

Visit the historic church of Agia Paraskevi, located next to the resort, and experience the weight of history in the moving service of the Crucifixion on Holy Thursday. On Holy Friday, you can join the solemn procession of the epitaph, walking through the candle-lit alleys and singing hymns. Experience spring nature in all its glory on Holy Saturday and get ready for the evening of the Resurrection, while on Easter Sunday, traditional dishes are the order of the day.

Family getaway

At our Resort we honor family. From Holy Thursday to Easter Tuesday 7 May we have prepared for our young guests a plethora of children’s activities and workshops in the morning and afternoon. Enjoy quality time with your children on the spring mountain of Centaurs!

Greek Traditional Easter hotel gardens

Our Easter program

Holy Thursday

Visit on Holy Thursday the Holy Mass of the Crucifixion in the Church of Agia Paraskevi next to the 1000-year-old plane tree.

Holy Friday

Enjoy breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then organize your day 

Choose the famous beaches of Mylopotamos and Ai Giannis for your lunch walk. At our Resort you will find fine fast food and tsipuromezedes. Your participation in the procession of the epitaph in the district of Agia Paraskevi will bring you closer to the spirit of the days and you can dine at our hotel restaurant until 23.00

Holy Saturday

Tour the nearby traditional villages to experience the magic of Pelion. Return to the Resort to get ready for the Resurrection service at the churches of Tsagarada, Agia Paraskevi and Agios Taxiarchis. After the Resurrection, enjoy a Resurrection Dinner at our restaurant where you will taste the traditional mageiritsa or its original Vegan version and crack your red eggs!

Easter Sunday – Jesus Christ is Risen!

Take strength from the hearty breakfast buffet and stroll along the lovely cobbled streets of the area. Observe the nature and mansions of Tsagarada. But don’t be late because from two o’clock in the afternoon we welcome you with a sumptuous Easter table, while the lambs and roosters are just coming off the spits!

Children’s Activities Program

Holy Friday 3 May (17:00-21:00)

  • Activities for children
  • Candle workshop

Holy Saturday 4 May (10:00-14:00)

  • Easter cookies
  • Egg-cabinet making
  • Group games

Holy Saturday 4 May (17:00-21:00)

  • Group composition of an Easter hero
  • Musical games – improvisations
  • Film The Easter Bunny

Easter Sunday 5 May (10:00-14:00)

  • Interactive storytelling and dramatization of a fairy tale
  • The hunt for the lost eggs
  • The Easter tree

Easter Sunday 5 May (15:00-21:00)

  • Easter card making
  • Creation of an Easter story-poem
  • Kinesiology games

Easter Monday 6 May (10:00-14:00)

  • Making of a wreath of the First Holy Week
  • Gardening-planting flowers in pots
  • Face painting

Nature at its best

As we discover the enchanting landscapes of Pelion, you will find that nature is the benchmark of Greek Easter. The lush green forests with streams , the crystal blue waters and the beaches with golden sand are pieces that make up the puzzle of Pelion’s natural beauty.

Start your morning with a leisurely stroll along the cobbled streets of nearby villages such as Makrinitsa, Portaria and Tsagarada, where traditional stone houses and picturesque cobbled streets take you back in time to the traditional Greek way of life. Take a hike in the lush green forests of Pelion, where the air is filled with the scent of pine and wild herbs, or wander along the numerous well-marked trails. https://www.topoguide.gr/mountains/thessaly/advs_pelion/hiking_on_eastern_pelion.php

Experience the best Greek Traditional Easter of your life at 12 Months Resort & Spa

Easter is not just another holiday but an opportunity to create memories with your loved ones, reconnect with the things that matter most and experience the beauty of life and nature. However you have thought of spending Easter, quietly in a spiritual retreat, seeking culinary or other adventures, 12 Months Resort & Spa offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable Easter escape.

The accommodation, the personalised and warm service and the welcoming atmosphere of 12 Months Resort & Spa will cater for your every need and is everything you need for an Easter you will always remember.  

With our idyllic location in the heart of nature, rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality, we invite you to experience the magic of Greek Traditional Easter in an environment that will exceed your every expectation. Your Easter adventure is just a step away – book now!

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